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International College of Internal Medicine

The International College of Internal Medicine is an international medical organization, whose objective is to unite and integrate all the institutions that deal with Internal Medicine and specialists from different countries. The college accepts internists from every country or from any private or governmental organization that do clinical research work, deal with human resources or health care, or any other representative from this field.

Objectives: To unite and integrate the specialists and institutions within the field of Internal Medicine in order to deal with issues and problems inherent to this area of expertise. To enhance scientific skills and knowledge. To promote, instruct and facilitate the formation of young internists. To establish norms. To develop guidelines and protocols. To research and stipulate formats for international recognition. To encourage and endorse interdisciplinary investigations in order to advocate excellence in the field, to meet the growing social responsibility that this profession demands.

Languages: The College has adopted as its official languages three of the six official languages of the UN (English, French, and Spanish), taking into account that the sum of these comprises more than 50% of the languages spoken on the planet. These languages have been chosen strictly for pragmatic reasons, and not for any discriminating linguistic purpose. The School’s official records are published in all three language, Nevertheless, when a meeting or conference is held in a country whose language is not one of these, the College accepts the inclusion of the local language in order to facilitate communication and integration for all those attending the event.