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Antony Fauci, infectologist, advisor to the last two presidents of the United States, in an interview stated that the pandemic did not end and that new variants of the virus will appear. We were disoriented by the large number of cases generated in the world by the Delta variant and the Omicron variant.   As many people as possible need to be vaccinated and given reinforcements. We’re going to need reinforcements intermittently similar to the flu we get vaccinated with annually. We also need massive testing, barbecues in closed places, but as a “recommendation”.

The Trump administration rejected scientific principles. Science was degenerated and politicized, which is bad, no matter what ideology one has. Governments have to work on public health keeping in mind that the common enemy is the virus and not the people, but he confesses to being pessimistic about it suggests what was seen with the Covid-19.

Medical devices that are racially biased

In Britain, an investigation has been opened to determine whether racial prejudices embedded in some medical devices caused more Covid-19 infections and deaths in black and Asian patients.

At the peak of the pandemic, those belonging to these ethnic groups registered more than twice as many people in intensive care units. Also higher mortality rates than in white patients.

Pulse oximeters appear to work less in dark-skinned patients.

Elizabeth Blackburn (Australia), 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of telomeres, asked him about the relationship between these chromosome fragments and the Covid-19, and said there are some studies. When these are measured in leukocytes you have a window into the individual’s immune system. The shorter the telomere, the more severe the infection.

Blackburn with a group of scientists sent a letter to the President of the United States to lift the patents on vaccines.

Quo Vadis Internal Medicine?

Prof. Dr. Roberto M. Cataldi Amatriain*

With the 21st century there appeared in the Internal Medicine clinical and epidemiological unpublished situations, simultaneously scientific and technological advances that are transcendent and that are due proven and legitimized. Of there that is important not alone the record of this progress that happens permanently, but to perceive how to incorporate it into the practice of the speciality by means of the Medical Continued Education, being a serious and responsible task, and that it must fall sick with humanitarian sense.

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