Global Picture

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, it´s an agency of the European Union which mission is to contribute to Europa’s defense against the infectious diseases. Created in 2005, with headquarters in Stockholm (Sweden), analyzes and interprets the information of the countries that integrate the European Union on 52 contagious diseases by means of an European System of Vigilance. Approximately 33.000 persons would die a year for infections with bacteria that are refractory to the antibiotics (Escherichia coli, Acinetobacter, Staphylococcus aureus)


More than three million dead men per year for consumption of alcohol

For the World Health Organization (WHO), 3,3 million deaths take place every year in the world as consequence of the alcohol. The abusive use is a reason of more than 200 diseases and disorders. The alcohol is a psychoactive substance, that is capable of producing dependence and prejudices for the individual and his family, but also it´s an economic and social load.  The WHO urges the members states to assume the commitment to fight against this scourge, and establishes political strategies and base interventions that are destined to protect the human health and the society.