“The Internal Medicine to the service of the Humanity”

International College of Internal Medicine – ICIM (2004)

Fundación Internacional Cataldi Amatriain (1996)


Internal Medicine cannot miss the train of Technology

Internal  Medicine is currently engrossed in the pinnacle of new Communication and Information Technologies. The new millennium has been called the era of information, or the society of information. However, development of  IT  hardware (equipment) and software (structured language programs) should focus on the user rather than the computer. Anthropotechnics must not take the place of anthropology. Medical IT, thanks to Internet, as well as Telecommunications, and audiovisual Technology, has exceeded geographic boundaries, creating new educational and working  environments. By means of IT, internists attempt to analyze  the conflicts of present day health care, evaluating all the information received, while attempting to search for new technological alternatives in order to arrive at better solutions. Clinical practice  guides and protocols on the Internet, surfing the web in remote data bases, the creation of an IT system for sanitation in catastrophe areas. Telemedicine wich monitors medical images used by specialists in diagnostic images located throughout the world, videoconferences among internists worldwide, the introduction  of IT health care teaching and educational environments, as well as the strong collaboration between health care facilities and research groups all constitute a positive outlook today in this area of expertise and will surely continue to progress in the years to come. The Telefonia Movil 5G will allow new advances in the healthcare system according to the Mobile World Congress 2019 of Barcelona.