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Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN, Paris, 1948)

After the atrocities committed in the Second World War “human dignity” was put at the center of actions. The Declaration sets out universal values and a common ideal for all peoples and nations: all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Seventy-five years after its adoption, increasing poverty and hunger, loss of confidence in institutions, racism, intolerance and discrimination are taking place in a context of triple crises: climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution of the planet.


He is a specialist in clinical complexity with extensive hospital training. Is a highly trained doctor in the clinical pluripathology, associated comorbidities, border pathology (convergence of pathologies typical of different specialties) and it can naturally build bridges with other specialties and stand at the epistemic crossroads of specialties.

The internist must coordinate the task of the medical team, seeing the patient as a whole.

The different speciality crossings (borders)

For the International College of Internal Medicine (ICIM), Internal Medicine is in permanent dialogue with other medical specialties and knowledge, even with disciplines not strictly medical.