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WHO guidance on the ethical conduct of controlled human infection studies New publication

This new WHO ethics guidance is available at

This publication supplements WHO’s Guidance on Human Challenge Studies in COVID-19, which is available from

Guiding questions for ethics review of research involving human participants PAHO tool

These questions help committees conducting an ethics analysis of research protocols. They can be downloaded as a word document where one can enter notes from

These questions supplement the infographic ( and video ( on What do Research Ethics Committees review?

For in-depth guidance on ethics of research with human participants, consult CIOMS Guidelines:

Research ethics systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: a systemic assessment using indicators.

New publication

This assessment, which was presented at a regional dialogue last November (recording available at:, has been published by The Lancet Global Health. You can access the article at

PAHO’s work strengthening research ethics systems using indicators has been funded by the Wellcome Trust

When does health research need ethics review? What does a Research Ethics Committee review?

PAHO videos now available in English


These research ethics videos of PAHO’s Regional Program on Bioethics are now available in English:

These other PAHO videos on COVID-19 are already available in both languages:

Why is fighting COVID-19 a group effort?

What is needed to fight COVID-19?

Why do scientists change their views?

The black substance in the face of loneliness and hunger. An experiment shows that ten-hour forced solitude activates the same brain areas as fasting

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge (USA) studied the brain against the longing for social contact and discovered that after ten hours of solitude, Individuals respond to the lack of social relationships in the same way as they respond to fasting. The need for company and food activates the same brain area (black substance).

An ethical framework for global vaccine allocation

Article published in Science

This article by Emanuel et al. presents the “Fair Priority Model” for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines among countries. The article is available here.

Palaeogenetics: the scientific revolution from the Genome

Svante Pääbo is a Swedish biologist specializing in evolutionary genetics.

 Reading the ancient DNA showed the crossing between Neanderthal and Sapiens








Consult the web of the WMA in English

Manual for physicians about the role of ethics in medicine